Christchurch Memories Preserved with New Red Zone App

Catalyst’s South Island branch has fought hard to preserve Christchurch's history with two expert open source solutions.

Catalyst – South Island, is proud to have partnered with the University of Canterbury Arts Digital Lab to develop the ‘Red Zone Stories’ application. This application will crowdsource and preserve the memories of the neighbourhood that were lost after the February 2011 quake.

This app has been developed by the UC Arts Digital Lab, with technical expertise provided by Catalyst, as a part of Understanding Place, a research project funded by the National Science Challenge: Building Better Homes, Towns and Cities.

The app allows individuals to capture and share videos, photos, text, and map pathways and stories - describing the neighbourhood as it was, while sharing reflections and memories. With work due to commence on the Red Zone in the near future, it is essential to capture these memories and contribute to the digital archive that will educate future visitors.

"The Catalyst team were thrilled to contribute to the preservation of memories that are so important to the residents of Christchurch." said Mariann Matai, General Manager for Catalyst - South Island.

The app is available now on Google Play by searching 'Red Zone Stories', and it is soon to be available for IOS from the App Store.

The project was funded by the Building Better Homes, Towns and Cities National Science Challenge and supported by Regenerate Christchurch.

Read more about the Red Zone Stories app on the UC Arts Digital Lab website.

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