Data Visualisation as a Service: Insights

The Treasury has just announced the latest iteration of their data visualisation tool, Insights.

The second of these visualisation applications to have launched in the last year, the Insights tool presents anonymised information about children and youth at risk at a detailed geographic level.

The tool uses data from Statistics New Zealand’s Integrated Data Infrastructure to provide useful insights and analysis, with mapping and data visualisation features. It includes analysis on youth outcomes in the transition to adulthood as well as the use of education and employment services by children and youth.

We’re supporting the Treasury in this initiative by providing a data publishing platform as a service on the Catalyst Cloud. The open source publishing platform is based on R, RStudio and ShinyApps, and allows the Treasury and other agencies to be able to publish data visualisations quickly, and to scale with demand.

This open data project aligns well with our commitment to all things open – it’s exciting to be involved in making such important data publicly available.

Insights is another example of the freedom to innovate with Catalyst and open source solutions.

Visit and try it out.