Debian Bug Squash Day 2016


We're big Debian fans here at Catalyst.

Debian is a collaborative volunteer project run by technically minded people. The project produces a high quality operating system, a platform for delivering free software to the masses.

Open computer

Because Debian makes so much of our work possible, we put aside a day every year to give back – Debian Bug Squash Day. This happened on 23 September this year.

Staff from all over Catalyst get in a room on Bug Squash day, and work on Debian package maintenance and bugs.

For example, Chris Cormack from the Koha team used the day to work on packaging a Perl library to create a standardised interface for online (physical) library services providers, and Michael Fincham worked on porting the Novena-specific Linux kernel patches to the latest Jessie Backports kernel, and improving their packaging. This is part of the effort to provide mainline Debian support for the Novena hardware.

Debian is one of the many Open Source projects we contribute to. Read more about our Open Source contributions.