First Arduino Academy for Catalyst Australia at Scots College in Sydney

Catalyst is proud to announce that the first Australian Arduino Academy was completed this week at  Scots College in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs.

Arduino is an open source microcontroller project. Popular amongst hobbyist and inventors globally.

The Arduino Academy was a three day course run by Catalyst's own Arduino enthusiast Darrin Hodges for 15 Year Seven students. Giving the boys a chance to explore the possibilities of working with both hardware and software open source technologies, all as part of their studies.

Students worked individually and in pairs to complete a number of projects including:

  •  Building a countdown timer
  •  Developing a wheeled robot that was capable of following a line on the floor

During the academy, the boys got to learn how to read circuit diagrams and how to translate this to a physical circuit on a breadboard. They also wrote programming code in the Arduino IDE and uploaded this onto their Arduino devices.

Altogether a great experience. And fun for all with no soldering iron fatalities :-)

Congratulations to all of the participants and Catalyst are looking forward to future opportunities to promote open source technologies in the educational space.