Freedom after XP

With extended support for Microsoft's XP operating system ending today, now is the time to get off the merry-go-round of proprietary software and licensing fees and migrate to a free and open source productivity suite.

LibreOffice is a free and open source office replacement that operates on all major platforms (Linux, Apple's OSX and Microsoft's Windows), so you can choose to use it at work, at home and anywhere else you need to produce quality and standards compliant documents.

LibreOffice includes word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and drawing capabilities, and with the inclusion of its cross platform cousin, Mozilla Thunderbird, is a drop-in replacement for Microsoft Office.

With no licensing fees, regular updates and a more intuitive and simple interface than the much derided Office 2007, LibreOffice helps you to be productive on any platform. You don't need to buy additional licenses for your staff (or your family), and you will find that LibreOffice offers excellent interoperability with documents produced by both new and old versions of Microsoft Office as well as other productivity software. 

Catalyst uses LibreOffice and offers training to get people up and running quickly in this simple and powerful productivity suite.  Training is scheduled in our Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch offices.

Wellington dates:

  • Thursday 22 May – Writer 
  • Friday 23 May – Calc
  • Thursday 5 June – Impress

Auckland and Christchurch dates:

  • Contact us for more information on dates

Book your team in for LibreOffice training today and experience the freedom of a cross platform, open source and standards compliant productivity suite that actually makes you productive.  

Contact us on [email protected] to book a course or find out more.