Join us for lunch and learn about the Catalyst Cloud

Business continuity and disaster recovery on the cloud

Our three New Zealand branches are each hosting a lunch, come and join us in your location.

The Catalyst Cloud is a local cloud solution - operated by NZ, in NZ and for NZ.  

This is particularly a great solution for organisations that have varying intensity in their workload and/or have strong privacy or data sovereignty concerns.  It is hosted onshore which provides performance (network latency) benefits.  We are also extremely competitive with international cloud solutions, offering a pay-as-you-go model which requires no upfront investments and no long-term commitments. Our services cover IaaS (Administration and Security, Compute Service, Block Storage, Object Storage, Image Service, Network Hosting) and PaaS (Cloud orchestration).

Our customers believe that our services offer them a substantial competitive advantage in the NZ market and is a constant source of innovation for their business.  They are extremely happy with the service levels their systems achieve and consider our prices competitive and compatible with the benefit they are getting.

Disaster recover and business continuity are still required on the Cloud.   By attending this presentation you will learn about:

  • Strategies and methods for successful DR on the cloud
  • The infrastructure and platform services available on the Catalyst Cloud in New Zealand

About the speakers

Bruno Lago is the GM of cloud computing at Catalyst IT. He was there, right at the beginning, when a clever group of technologists created what today is the most advanced cloud computing service in New Zealand. His knowledge comes from direct experience in building and running the Catalyst Cloud. A user of cloud computing himself, Bruno is well versed on cloud solutions provided by multiple vendors. He is passionate about open source software, and the impact that successful startups can have on society.

Additional speakers will be announced shortly.

Register your interest

Seats are limited, please register to attend by 6 June 2017.

Auckland - Thursday 8 June

Christchurch - Tuesday 13 June

If you have any questions or would like further information about this event or the Catalyst Cloud, contact [email protected]