Lunch and learn about Open Compute

Have you ever wondered how the Catalyst Cloud delivers prices in New Zealand comparable to global cloud providers?

We invite you to join us for lunch to learn more about the Open Compute hardware used by the Catalyst Cloud.

Event information

Date: Tuesday, 7 March

Time: 12 pm – 1.30 pm

Venue: Level 3, Catalyst House, 150 Willis Street, Wellington

Open Compute Project

The Open Compute Project (OCP) is doing for hardware what open source did for software. In 2011 Facebook announced it would openly share the design of its data centre, servers and network hardware. Since then, many organisations joined the initiative making OCP one of the most disruptive projects for people in the cloud, data centre, server and network industry.

John Laban is a data centre architect and European representative of the OCP foundation. In his presentation John will briefly cover:

  • OCP gear and OCP Data Centre Eco Systems.
  • Understand the background of the OCP and why it began
  • Recognise how OCP applies to data centre capital expenditure and operational expenditure
  • Discuss key elements of OCP including; energy efficiency, simplicity and vanity servers

No prerequisites required beyond an open mind to disruptive ideas.

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