Mahara 18.10: Facilitate assessment, progress tracking, and tagging

We are delighted to announce Mahara 18.10, the latest release of the open source ePortfolio platform. The Catalyst New Zealand team, colleagues in Australia and the UK, and community members brought together a large number of new features that are now available to everybody.

Mahara 18.10 contains numerous features that support the use of this popular portfolio platform for assessment purposes. Thanks to funding from five universities in Australia and Canada, web services via LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) are now used to accomplish the integration between a learning management system and Mahara for portfolio grading purposes. Additionally, peer assessments and sign-offs by a manager on a portfolio are supported.

Portfolios are used to show learning progress over time by continuously adding learning evidence and reflections. Mahara 18.10 allows portfolio authors and visitors to go back in time and view earlier states of the portfolio, in order to gain more insight into how the portfolio itself grew over time. This timeline feature was developed to a large extent by a university student who joined the Mahara team during the summer of 2017/18 thanks to a Callaghan Innovation R&D Experience Grant.

Another area that saw a lot of development was tagging. Portfolios can now be created automatically based on tagged content, facilitating the initial set-up of a portfolio. Learners can then curate their learning evidence and add reflections as needed. They can also work with official tags made available by their institution.

More information is available in the release announcement.

Catalyst maintains the Mahara software and is its primary contributor. Every six months, Catalyst releases a new version of Mahara that contains new functionality contributed by Catalyst itself, its clients, and other community members. We thank everybody for their dedication in supporting Mahara in different capacities, whether they are sponsors of new features, business analysts and UX designers, graphic designers, front-end and back-end developers, testers, translators, system administrators, documentation writers, or people lending support.

Learn more about Mahara with Catalyst

Catalyst is offering a free introduction to the new features of Mahara 18.10 in Wellington on 13 November 2018.

If you cannot attend either session, please get in touch via [email protected] to book a demo or discuss your specific portfolio requirements. We'd love to support you and your staff and learners in their lifelong learning journeys.