Mahara 20.10: Assessment and integration


Every six months, the Catalyst team releases a new version of Mahara, the open source ePortfolio platform. As maintainers and primary developers of the software, in each release we make available features we have developed for our clients and our own projects, as well as those from community contributors. There is always a good mix of features that impact different areas of the platform, allowing it to grow continuously.

In Mahara 20.10, the focus is on assessment and integration with learning management systems along with accessibility improvements. Increasingly, Mahara is used in certification contexts, which require more defined workflows, templates, and tracking of progress within portfolios. The new features give both learners and evaluators tools for efficient portfolio creation, overview, and assessment.

For a brief overview of the highlights of Mahara 20.10, watch the feature release video and check out our Mahara 20.10 blog post.

As a comprehensive electronic portfolio platform, Mahara can be used in many different contexts, including the following:

  • Learning, progress, and development
  • Assessment and certification
  • Showcases and presentations
  • Employability and internship

All portfolio types have their own requirements and unique advantages. With Mahara, learners can reuse their content easily to create various portfolios that suit different purposes.

Get in touch with us if you want to learn more about Mahara or request a demonstration.