Mahara 21.10: Integration

Mahara 21.10 is the latest version of the popular open source ePortfolio platform released by the Catalyst team last Friday, 29 October 2021. It follows the 15th anniversary celebrations in September. Every six months, Catalyst releases a new version in its capacity as maintainer of the open source project. Catalyst, clients, and other community members contribute to each release of Mahara by creating new features, making changes to existing functionality, and translating the software into languages other than English, including te reo Māori.

This version of Mahara looks at better integration with learning management systems (LMS) and easier support of organisations using Mahara widely. New features include creating of competency based portfolio templates more easily, safe guarding private comments during a portfolio export, and directing requests for help to the appropriate people.

The biggest feature is the proof-of-concept implementation of LTI Advantage, which allows organisations working with the Brightspace LMS to create groups automatically based on courses and course enrolments in the LMS and submit portfolios into a regular assignment, which facilitates grading. Testing this functionality with Moodle has started so that we can make the same functionality available for that Catalyst supported LMS in the future.

Watch the feature release video for a quick overview of highlighted new features and get in touch with us if you'd like to discuss how portfolios can fit into your organisation's learning ecosystem and see Mahara in action.