Mahara brand refresh

The Mahara project celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2016.

As we begin a second decade of Mahara, we decided it was time for a brand refresh .

We wanted to keep the essence of our brand, including the rauri (Te Reo Māori for "single twist") that is part of our logo and not depart too much from it. Rather than changing the identity entirely, we wanted an upgrade while keeping the core elements intact.

Mahara logo

The new branding is more restrained and professional, which reflects how Mahara is now used - increasingly beyond education in the world of work. Additionally, we wanted to add modern design elements and a contemporary colour palette to reflect current design best practice.

The refreshed brand was introduced to the Mahara community on 6 January 2017 and included a new theme for the website showcasing the new colour palette and a new logo for Mahara Mobile.

Special thanks to the Catalyst design team who developed the upgraded logo and colour palette.

Catalyst is the maintainer of the Mahara ePortfolio project and contributes on a consistent basis to it by providing project leadership, community support, development work, design and usability services and testing. If you wish to find out more about Mahara, check out the demo site and get in touch with us.

Screenshot of website