Mahara celebrations all around

Today we are proud to announce the latest version of Mahara, Mahara 16.10. This is an exciting release for the Catalyst team because we make available SmartEvidence, which allows users of Mahara to align a portfolio with a competency framework.

Anniversary cake for the Mahara projectMahara, the open source ePortfolio system is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. The first lines of code were committed to the project on 27 September 2016 by then Catalyst employee Penny Leach.

A number of tertiary institutions in New Zealand came up with the idea of an ePortfolio system in 2005 seeing a need for students to have control over their own learning evidence and received a grant from New Zealand's Tertiary Education Commission to bring the idea to life.

Since then, Catalyst spearheaded the development of Mahara. The project also receives contributions from around the world, from developers and organisations who use Mahara.

Catalyst clients also support the Mahara project. We would like to thank the following for contributing funding to bug fixes and new features for Mahara 16.10:

In New Zealand, Mahara is used by school and tertiary students alike as well as professionals in many different sectors. For example, teachers and nurses use Mahara to keep their registration up to date. By being able to align their evidence more easily with their underlying competency frameworks, creating and maintaining these portfolios will be easier. They also have a visual overview of their progress.

Mahara 16.10 includes a number of other new features. You can read about them in the release announcement and the user manual.

Catalyst has also created a new open source mobile app, Mahara Mobile. During the beta testing phase, it is available for Android users. Mahara Mobile builds on the Apache Cordova framework and is written in React.

Mahara Mobile replaces Catalyst's MaharaDroid, and once available for iOS, this will replace Portfolio Up. Mahara Mobile uses modern technology, programming standards, and Javascript to deliver its functionality.

Screenshot of Mahara Mobile in the Google Play store

If you are interested in Mahara, please get in touch with us. Our team supports clients around the world and is active in the user community.

You can also join us at one of the upcoming events: