Mahara trademark moved to Catalyst

Catalyst Media Release

Catalyst staff are the lead developers and maintainers for the Mahara ePortfolio project. In addition to owning the trademark, Catalyst will now lead the Mahara partner program.

The transfer of the trademark and a new model for community engagement through support companies heralds an exciting new phase in the Mahara project.

The leading open source ePortfolio and social learning web application has seen continued growth and evolution over the last several years. Catalyst works closely with the Mahara community to ensure that growth, and the surrounding community, continues to flourish.

“We are excited to be able to lead this new phase of the Mahara project. We have a long and successful relationship with Mahara, and we are looking forward to using Catalyst's global staff to work with the community and take Mahara to the next level,” said Don Christie, Catalyst Director.

Catalyst will work with Mahara partners to shift the current engagement model from partner fees to encouraging participation in the project and the community.

Catalyst will be in touch with current partners in the very near future to discuss the changes and to solicit feedback about the new approach and how to work with partners and the wider community to support Mahara's ongoing success.