Mars Beckons for Open Source Pioneers


Mike going to Mars

Catalyst IT, the Solar System's second largest open source company has announced another first: a new branch on Mars. Hot on the heels of NASA's announcement of water on the Red Planet, Catalyst Director, Mike O'Connor set off on a mission to bring the best of Kiwi and open source technology to the beings of Mars.

“I'm excited at the opportunities for expansion”, said a visibly excited O'Connor as he boarded Catalyst I, “and touched that I have been selected by my fellow directors to undertake this mission.”

“Mike was definitely emotional” agreed relieved fellow director, Godfrey Fernandez. “It will be a long time until we see him again.”

O'Connor is clear, though, that communications technology is up to the task of maintaining strong links to Earth and the rest of the Solar system.

“I've been hearing a lot about IP, 'inter planetary', protocols recently and we will be pioneering its use”. O'Connor also claims that Catalyst will quickly establish a new Catalyst Cloud region on Mars, giving clients much needed option of storing their data away from the risky environments that are such a feature of Planet Earth.

Asked for further commentary Catalyst staff expressed delight at the prospect of inter planetary travel by the Catalyst Directors.

“It's a shame only one is going. But there are plenty planets out there, we are hoping to send Don to Uranus in the near future”, said one Catalysta, who wished to remain anonymous.