MyPortfolio Upgrade Announced

Following the release of the newest version of Mahara, the open source ePortfolio solution, these new features were rolled out to more than 1,400 New Zealand schools that use Mahara as

Many of the new features are the result of the long term support of the project by the Ministry of Education. Other contributions to Mahara 1.8 come from across New Zealand, Europe, India, Japan and the USA.

Some of the new features that students and teachers can use include:

  • new full text search functionality
  • new icons and updated stylesheets and templates, including flexible page layouts
  • new page skins so students and staff can customise background colours
  • the ability to import Leap2A files into an existing account
  • attachments on résumé fields and text boxes/notes
  • embedding PDFs in a page
  • drag and drop files into the files area
  • tags on all internal artefacts
  • warnings if you try to navigate away from a page with unsaved changes.

If you and your school are already on, check out the changes and explore them further. If you are not yet on MyPortfolio, you can test the new Mahara demo and if you like it, request access to MyPortfolio. It is free for New Zealand schools.