New Zealand Open Source Cloud Takes on Amazon

Catalyst Media Release


Catalyst, New Zealand's largest open source company, recently launched their implementation of the OpenStack project which means that New Zealand businesses now have access to a private cloud, hosted in New Zealand at prices either below or comparable to Amazon Web Services.

“With the Catalyst Cloud, we wanted to deliver powerful, flexible compute, network and storage capability at a competitive cost. Kiwi businesses will get similar functionality as AWS, but with the privacy benefits and no latency that local hosting provides,” said Don Christie, Catalyst director.

The Catalyst cloud features real time provisioning of virtual machines, network, object and block storage all from an API-driven web dashboard. Your computing needs grow with your business and can be scaled out or in according to demand.

The Catalyst Cloud uses a “pay as you go” model that requires no upfront investment, no long-term commitment and offers extremely competitive hourly rates. New Zealand businesses get all the power of the data center, at a price and scale that works for them.

Catalyst has been developing the cloud project as part of their research and development over the last two years. The Catalyst Cloud went live at the end of May and is already proving to be popular with private and public sector organisations looking for the flexibility to innovate or to ensure that their data is kept in New Zealand.

“OpenStack is one of the largest and fastest growing open source projects in history. Catalyst is proud to have been able to deploy it here in New Zealand and to be in a position to offer Kiwi Businesses access to their own cloud.

“The recent Productivity Commission report recommends businesses move their data offshore, but that advice is already outdated. With the Catalyst Cloud, people have access to scalable, cost-effective infrastructure as a service, hosted here in New Zealand. That is going to drive more productivity and innovation that shipping your data offshore,” Don Christie said.

Read more about the Catalyst Cloud, including all of the pricing details, on the Catalyst website: