Preparing for Omicron


As a globally operating business, Catalyst teams in the UK, Canada and Australia are already dealing with the impact on business continuity of the Omicron strain of the coronavirus. Here in New Zealand we are drawing on this insight and experience to prepare for and mitigate against the risks of this highly contagious variant.

Specifically we are concerned with disruptions that may be caused at short notice by health and safety related absences amongst our staff and those of our clients. We have all become accustomed to and have well tested capacity to manage all our systems and processes from home, but we are preparing for scenarios of rapid infection and sickness across the New Zealand population.

As part of our scenario planning Catalyst:

  • have validated that all staff continue to be prepared to safely and securely operate from home at short notice and for an extended period, including contingency planning to resource those required to self isolate.
  • have established delegations for all staff to cover for short to medium term absences where they cannot work due to personal illness or care for a household member.
  • have established a split shift protocol for working in our offices to limit the exposure of our people at any given time if / when Omicron is identified in the community.
  • have invested in additional air filtration equipment for our office spaces and the availability of rapid antigen testing kits on-site.
  • will act to close our office(s) on advice of any identified COVID positive infection.
  • will be contacting each of our clients to discuss how our planning integrates with theirs and agree contingencies for ensuring the uninterrupted delivery of service. 

We trust that, working together with you, we will collectively weather whatever the coming weeks and months may bring. If you would like to discuss any aspects of our approach with us, or share details about your business continuity planning, please do not hesitate to contact us.