Samba Team released Samba 4.5

On 7 September 2016, the Samba Team released Samba 4.5, following the Samba Team's 6-month time-based release cycle.

This is a really impressive release, and one that Catalyst has made a major contribution towards. In particular, we made some really impressive performance gains for our clients. One client asked that we improve performance adding/removing group members, and we have a 100% performance gain in these tests, and a
massive 200% improvement in deleting users (when these users are members of groups).

Another client asked that we resolve a major performance issue in the replication of large numbers of group members, and for this case, we also improved performance by over 100%.

We also improved search performance in general from 10% to 20%.

Full details showing our performance tests are here.

Not only have we made impressive progress on improving Samba's performance, we have included important features, like the KCC; the process that determines the replication graph. First re-developed by two Catalyst employees, Douglas Bagnall and Garming Sam over a year ago, it is now deployed in production for our clients and has, in the last year, opened the door to many larger Samba deployments, previously unimaginable.

With Samba 4.5, it is now on by default, for all users.

Another important Catalyst-implemented feature is VLV: Imagine the network protocol behind a scrolling rollerdex - this complex protocol, was specifically requested by Amazon and implemented by Douglas and
Garming, with substantial automated tests.

Also important for some of our largest clients, is the improvements we have made to replication. Backed up, as with all these changes, by the incredibly rigorous automated tests that Samba demands and our team
specialises at producing, we dramatically improved the reliability of Samba replication, even when conflicts are intentionally introduced.

Beyond these impressive features, Samba Engineers at Catalyst also implemented:
- Multiple DNS forwarders
- Password quality plugin support

Full details of the release, including other features added by the broader Samba Team, see here.