Supporting students and teachers shifting learning online

All schools have had access to as a solution developed for the New Zealand Ministry of Education since 2008. Catalyst has continued making this service freely available since 2018 as a platform for schools to support rich self-directed learning on any internet-connected device.

Registration on the platform is simple via an online form completed by the school, allowing new schools to be added within a business day. Individual students and teachers can then be bulk registered, and they can start creating content the following day.

MyPortfolio enables classroom teachers to:

  • Create or upload online resources and assignments for their students no matter whether their school has access to a learning management system or not. An example of the sort of content that can be created is the 'Increasingly Digital' curiosity cards that students can use for exploring a variety of topics.
  • Share the resources and associated assignments with individual students or groups, allowing them to copy these into their personal area on the platform. Students use these as starting points for their own projects, creating their own online content as text and multimedia evidence of their learning.
  • Engage students around the learning resources, invite them to comment on each others work, discuss topics in forums, and use the platform’s messaging capabilities to stay in touch. Parents and caregivers can also be granted read access to their children's work, with the option to comment as well.

A wealth of online resources is already available to support teachers in the use of Mahara as the underlying software of MyPortfolio. However, to support those teachers with zero experience to get quickly up to speed, we are creating a series of short videos outlining the most often used workflows.

We want to support New Zealand teachers, students, and whānau to be able to continue learning and teaching when more and more is shifted online. Speak to our team if you have any questions and check out the Q&A.