Teaching tools for Māori and Pacific learners on MyPortfolio

Tapasā, the cultural competencies framework for teachers of Pacific learners, is a recent initiative by the Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand. It is a tool to help teachers engage with Pacific learners and their communities, taking cultural aspects into particular consideration.

The specific use of Tapasā is still in active development, in particular regarding how teachers can work with it alongside the Code and Standards for the Teaching Profession. The Teaching Council provides detailed information on Tapasā.

Tātaiako is a more established cultural competencies framework for teachers of Māori learners, and can be used in a similar fashion to Tapasā. It focuses on cultural aspects of the work of teachers with students and their whānau. Tātaiako can be downloaded from the Teaching Council website.

Both Tātaiako and Tapasā are now available on MyPortfolio, allowing teachers to use them for appraisal purposes and discuss them in their schools.

Teachers can collect evidence of their practice and learning, aligning it with one or more competencies and demonstrating their proficiency. This allows them to have a quick and comprehensive overview of the competencies they have already achieved and the areas where they want to focus next.

The Standards for the Teaching Profession have been available on MyPortfolio since their inception. They can be used in both te reo Māori and English.

MyPortfolio is freely accessible by all schools in Aotearoa New Zealand. Students and teachers can create learning portfolios on the site to share within their learning community at school and their whānau. Catalyst has managed the site since its start in 2008 and continues to support schools implementing portfolios in the classroom and for appraisal purposes.

If you would like to learn more about MyPortfolio for New Zealand schools, or Mahara as a portfolio and learning community solution in general, please contact us.

Screenshot of Tapasā as SmartEvidence competency framework in MyPortfolio