Top Digital Technologies students win Catalyst and ITP awards


Amy King and Leila Paul are the latest recipients of a Catalyst award, given to the top two Year 13 Digital Technologies students at Wellington East Girls' College. Amy and Leila were also winners of the Information Technology Professions (ITP) cup.

Amy King and Leila Paul wearing school uniforms, jointly holding a silver trophy, with yellow and purple balloons behind them.

Amy King and Leila Paul.


Catalyst proudly supports juniors in the tech industry in a variety of ways, including internships, yearly tertiary scholarships, and the Catalyst Open Source Academy. Amy King participated in the Catalyst Open Source Academy in 2021. The WEGC prize is another way Catalyst encourages juniors in their STEM careers, and it has been running for the last three years.

Amy King holding the Information Technology Professions cup surrounded by other people on a stage.

Amy King on stage with the ITP cup.


Leila and Amy say they are grateful for the Catalyst prize because it takes some of the pressure off their studies next year. Leila is going to study engineering at Canterbury University, and Amy is going to study software engineering at Victoria University of Wellington, Te Herenga Waka. Both were already planning to study STEM subjects, and say the prize was a welcome bonus after a tumultuous senior year amidst the uncertainties and restrictions related to the pandemic.

Catalyst wishes Amy and Leila all the best for their studies!