University of Canterbury - Student First

We have been working with the University of Canterbury (‘University’) on the Student First Programme’s Easy Enrolment Project since May 2017. The initial aim was to build a new application to manage student enrolment. The new application, myUC, was launched in August 2017 with many updates since that date. In supporting and re-platforming the integration to the existing Student Management System, Catalyst have developed a set of microservice APIs and databases using Django.

Providing an enrolment experience for new/returning students that is simple, fast and certain has been a key aim of the Programme. myUC facilitates this by providing a significantly smoother modernised enrolment process for students with the added benefit of reducing the time required for staff to process enrolments.

The positive feedback from students and staff is that myUC is meeting this expectation. In particular, feedback from returning students who had a comparable experience of enrolling whilst using the previous system has been very positive. The improvements in data collection through myUC coupled with the streamlining of associated business processes has resulted in significantly improved timeliness when making enrolment offers to students.

The introduction of myUC also signalled the digitisation of a previously paper-based enrolment process for the University’s College of Education, Health and Human Development. This has substantially reduced the time taken for staff to gather and process teaching enrolments.

Prior to the introduction of myUC, the enrolment system was not conducive to facilitating the desired experience for students and staff and not adept at adapting to changes in the tertiary education landscape.

We are working in close collaboration with developers from other vendors who are tasked with developing the User Interface that interacts with these APIs. There are also developers from within the University’s IT Services group building a set of APIs to provide integration with existing systems, and in-house QA testing team along with the Programme’s Business Analysts and Project Managers.

The initial Easy Enrolment Project, of which myUC was the key deliverable, was completed in March this year. Work will continue on myUC and other applications through other projects as improvements continue to be made and the system begins to take over tasks currently handled by other legacy systems. The roadmap for improvements to myUC for the balance of 2018 has been agreed with the 2019 schedule to be agreed with the University later this year.