Welcome to our 2016/17 interns


Every year we take on a small group of talented students as interns, including some who come to us via the Summer of Tech programme. These internships are real, paid opportunities for up-and-coming technologists to experience life at Catalyst and to contribute to open source projects.

Most of our 2016/17 interns started with us this week - four in our Wellington office and one in the Auckland office. With two already in the building that takes our intern total to seven.

Photo of interns

Our Wellington-based interns. (L-R) Clive Ferreira, David Barnett, Bob Campbell, Mika Smith, Amelia Cordwell,
Alex Buckley. Not pictured - Kenney Chan, Auckland-based intern.

The interns have been getting to grips with life at Catalyst through our induction programme. It's important they have the information they need to do well here, so we gave them a crash course on the lifecycle of software development and support for real-world projects, how we do things as a company, and development best practice.

Our interns come to us with existing development skills - even those who are fresh out of school, so they're putting their knowledge into practice right away. They're shared amongst our Koha, Samba, Catalyst Cloud and DevOps teams.

We're delighted to be involved in encouraging and mentoring the next generation of open source technologists, and we look forward to seeing our interns grow their skills.