Project contributions

From Drupal and Moodle, right through to a Git versioning system and Perl modules on CPAN, we contribute back to over 175 community open source projects. This list is in order of the number of projects contributed to.

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Moodle (lang) (
Moodle is translated into over 70 languages by a dedicated corps of worldwide volunteers. Translation has actually been going on a lot longer than the stats here may suggest, because the language packs used to be part of the main Moodle code base.

Mozilla Central (only) includes old cvs repos. I made this project to check mozilla-central repo only.

NCIPServer (;a=summary)
an NCIP server, from the Evergreen ILS project

Net-SSLeay-OO (
Perl5/Moose wrapper for Net::SSLeay (OpenSSL SSL library bindings)

Net-Thumper (
A Pure Perl RabbitMQ Client

Net::AS2 (
Perl module Net::AS2 implementing AS2 file transfer protocol

Neuros Database Manipulator (
Neuros Database Manipulator - Browse and modify the database of your Neuros Audio Computer. Neuros Database Manipulator is written in Java for cross platform support.

OLPC DS-Backup (;a=summary)
Part of the OLPC infrastructure - these are the XO-to-XS backup scripts.