Project contributions

From Drupal and Moodle, right through to a Git versioning system and Perl modules on CPAN, we contribute back to over 175 community open source projects. This list is in order of the number of projects contributed to.

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stackforge-gertty (
Console interface to Gerrit Code Review

StackStorm (
StackStorm enables event driven automation. StackStorm software is a platform for integration and automation across services and tools. It ties together your existing infrastructure and application environment so you can more easily automate that environment -- with a particular focus on taking actions in response to events. Noted for Orquesta a mistral based DSL for Orchestration. StackStorm helps automate common operational patterns.

swagger-php (
A php swagger annotation and parsing library

test-bdd-cucumber-perl (
Test::BDD::Cucumber - Cucumber in Perl

Test::Compile (
Check whether Perl module files compile correctly

Te Tuhi Video Game System (
Te Tuhi turns pictures of video games drawn on paper into games that you can play on the computer. It invents rules to suit the picture. The project aims to be inclusive, experimental, and modular, with one aim being a scaled down version for the OLPC.

tg-station (
the /tg/station branch of SS13, a byond based 2d game about how to keep a station full of insane people alive for more than 20 minutes.

ThingSpeak (
ThingSpeak is an open source “Internet of Things” application and API to store and retrieve data from things using HTTP over the Internet or via a Local Area Network. With ThingSpeak, you can create sensor logging applications, location tracking applications, and a social network of things with status updates.

titledk (