Our role in open source

Catalyst has a long-held commitment to free and open standards and technologies.

We are the largest New Zealand-owned company specialising in free and open source technologies and services.

During the 20 years we've been in business, we have established an impressive track record for successfully delivering, hosting and maintaining many large-scale systems using open source technology for clients across the globe.

Catalyst participation

Man working on a computer wearing headphonesCatalyst's commitment to open technology includes regular code contributions to a number of open source projects, such as Moodle, Drupal, Perl, Kannel, Lucene, PostgreSQL, Koha, Debian, PHP and Git; hosting the New Zealand Linux Kernel and Debian mirrors; being an affiliate member of the Debian and Ubuntu projects; and R&D and product development exclusively on open source technologies.

We host local user groups and every two years we organise the New Zealand Open Source Awards to recognise the strength and success of free and open source software in this country.

See http://nzosa.org.nz

Open source consulting

We can bring a wealth of practical experience and expertise to bear to help your organisation benefit from free and open source solutions. If you are considering free and open source technologies for your next project, talk to us first. We can advise on best-of-breed products, integration with established systems, and strategies for successfully implementing and maintaining these solutions for your organisation.