Private cloud

Have you got your own datacentre, or you have recently made investments or upgrades to your infrastructure? Not sure what the best Cloud option is for you - public or private? We can build or optimise your private cloud, offer hybrid cloud alternatives, or consulting services to help you move from a private to a public cloud offering.

We can work with your company to build a private cloud. The benefits of this service are:

  • affordable to deploy
  • capable of delivering robust service levels
  • can scale up massively with minimal administrative overhead
  • resilience & security
  • automation & performance

We use OpenStack™ technology to bring the agility, efficiency and flexibility of the cloud to your own data centre. Our aim is to enable you and your team to be in full control of your private cloud.

Its features include:

A private cloud dashboard showing alerts, resource usage and top tenants ordered by their consumption

  • Turn-key network deployment that shortens your go-to-market time and drastically reduces implementation costs;

  • Built from the ground up with production grade environments in mind, its robust architecture offers high availability for all components and has no single points of failure;

  • It scales horizontally as your business grows;

  • The use of state-of-the-art configuration management tools results in low administration overheads and massively scalable operations;

  • It has built-in automated monitoring and capacity planning that detects the addition of nodes to the cluster and configures the monitoring tools dynamically;

  • It supports live migration and high-availability of compute instances, automatically restarting virtual machines on healthy nodes if a server fails;

  • It comes with a built-in pay-per-use billing solution, allowing you to charge tenants for the resources they consume;

  • New features and “as a Service” offerings are introduced with every release, so your cloud evolves quickly without any additional costs;

  • We always provide an upgrade path to the next major release of OpenStack, ensuring the continuity of your business and return of your investment on existing environments;

  • We are committed to OpenStack™ core and open source. No proprietary tools are used in our solution, mitigating the risks of vendor lock-in;

  • Expert services to keep your cloud running. Our support subscription provides you with issue resolution (with 8x5 or 24x7 SLAs available) and bug fixes;

  • Training services to enable your team to manage your cloud, or full remote support provided by Catalyst;

  • Zero software licensing costs.

We can help you customise OpenStack™ to leverage your existing investments in hardware, integrate it with other systems or transform existing applications to make better use of the cloud. We offer training services, so your team feels comfortable with exploring the new possibilities brought by your private cloud.

The number of technology options available in the OpenStack™ ecosystem can be overwhelming. We help you make technological choices that are fit for purpose and work. We are committed to keeping your cloud free of proprietary components that increase the risk of lock-in.

Contact us to discuss your private cloud computing needs.

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