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Cloud Native

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We help businesses make the most of the cloud

IT infrastructure and tooling continues to evolve rapidly.  Where cloud transformations started as lift-and-shift, there is now a growing set of tooling and architectures available to help businesses reduce their costs, increase their platform stability, automate previously manual tasks, meet security and compliance expectations, and ultimately provide a better experience for the end customer.

We can help you keep up and future proof your business with cloud best practices such as containerisation and orchestration, auto-scaling, multi-cloud deployments, resource right-sizing, security, CI/CD, and more. More importantly, we can cater our expertise to your unique business requirements.

Catalyst has years of experience building and running cloud infrastructure and cloud native applications across AWS, Azure, and Catalyst Cloud (OpenStack).

We can assist at any stage of your journey, from an early architecture review, training on cloud tooling and concepts, cloud migrations, cloud native best practices, and ongoing management of critical systems.

Have you already made the leap to the cloud, and want to know how to optimise from there?

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Cloud native is about getting the most out of the cloud

Benefits you can expect from Cloud Native


Reduced cost of operation

Proactive management of cloud resources can reduce infrastructure costs significantly. Making the most of auto-scaling resource groups, reserved instances, spot pricing, resource scheduling, edge node caching, and other practices can see cloud infrastructure costs drop by up to 90%.

Infrastructure as agile as your business

Whether you've already embraced agile, or are in the process, we can help your technology needs meet and exceed your business expectations. Push new features out to customers quickly and securely, automate your build, testing, and deployment pipelines with continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD). Streamline your patching procedures, and define your infrastructure as code. We can tailor automation in the cloud to your business needs.

No vendor lock-in and no license fees

Wherever possible, we use open source tools that come without license fees or vendor-lock in. We have a wealth of experience building and managing systems across multiple cloud providers, so that you can pick and choose the services that best suit your business without worrying about being locked into a single provider. 



Our cloud native experts can help you whether you're just starting out, or have a team of seasoned veterans. We offer a range of standard services, but can cater our services to your unique requirements.

An example of our services:

  • Migrate to the cloud
  • Transform your current cloud usage to get the most out of it
  • Implement CI/CD and process automation
  • Embrace infrastructure as code
  • Architecture design and review
  • Containers and orchestration with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Security best practices
  • Centralised monitoring and alerting
  • Meet compliance obligations (e.g. PCI)
  • Optimise your cloud usage to reduce costs
  • DDoS protection, edge computing, and CDN configuration
  • Migrating legacy applications to cloud native architecture
  • Training (we offer courses on Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, and Git)

Meet Cove, New Zealand's advanced cloud native platform

Cove is an advanced, enterprise-ready platform-as-a-service offering. Built on some of the biggest, most trusted open source technologies in the world: Rancher, Gitlab, Elastic, Docker, Helm, and Kubernetes. With support across AWS, Azure, and Catalyst Cloud, Cove is a truly multi-cloud solution.

Standardise your development environments and deployment pipelines; seamlessly integrate with centralised logging, monitoring, and alerting. Run your workloads on a scalable platform that meets industry best practices while remaining cloud agnostic, and without license fees or vendor lock-in.

Cove is designed to support your business and technology needs.

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Get in touch if you would like to know more about our cloud native primer package that includes Gitlab, Docker, and Kubernetes training.

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