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Info for customers moving to Catalyst Koha services

What is happening?

Catalyst and Calyx have an agreement in place for Catalyst to take over support for Calyx customers from 1 March 2020. From this date, when current Calyx customers make support requests, the response will be from the Catalyst team.

What will change?

From 1 March it will be Catalyst who responds to your support requests, not Calyx. There will be no immediate change to the existing process for requesting Koha support at



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Zoo Talks Schedule

  • 5.30pm
  • Otter talk @ the Otter enclosure.
  • 5:45pm
  • Spider Monkey talk @ Monkey island.
  • 6.15pm
  • Kea talk @ the Kea enclosure.
  • 6.30pm
  • Giraffe talk @ the Giraffe enclosure.
  • 6.45pm
  • Meerkats talk @ the Meerkat enclosure.