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Kubernetes CKAD Bootcamp (Wellington)

$2 575.00 per person (excl. GST)
3 days
New Zealand

This intensive 3 day program is designed to provide technology professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to pass the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer exam. Topics found on the CNCF CKAD curriculum will be covered in detail through lecture, then put into practice with hands on labs and timed drills.

Flash Apocalypse

While the official end-of-life for Flash is not until December 2020, its effective death is much sooner, in mid-2019 when browser support for Flash players end. Based on our observation of awareness and preparation for this we’re calling it the 'Flash Apocalypse'.



Koha tips and tricks 5

by Alex Buckley

Koha is a Library Management System (LMS) used worldwide by approximately 15,000 libraries. The Koha team at Catalyst are passionate about using Koha and helping libraries (big and small!) get the most out of their Koha LMS.

This is the fifth blog in the Koha tips and tricks series to help you make the most out of your Koha instance. In this post, Alex covers how to change the bibliographic information displayed in the OPAC, and solutions for a couple of the more common OPAC display issues.  

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