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Web Accessibility: making inclusive technology for all - Ōtautahi Learning Days

12 May 2022
$0.00 per person (excl. GST)
1 hour
New Zealand

Web accessibility is a key component to equitable innovation - making sure everyone can use, perceive and navigate the technologies we create. Learn about the national and international standards that govern what it means to make accessible technologies. Walk away with some practical tips that you can implement immediately in what you create to make it more accessible to all.

Fill your Koha with your files

by Alex Buckley and Aleisha Amohia

You can access all types of resources through the library – books, magazines, journals, as well as electronic files. Koha provides a useful tool that allows libraries to upload their own electronic files. This tutorial aims to make the process more straightforward so your library can link PDFs and articles easily to its catalogue.

Koha's upload tool