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Silverstripe CMS

Our Catalyst CMS team supports you to create, maintain and customise a safe, secure, and scalable CMS. As open source experts, we're here to support you with each step of your Silverstripe CMS journey.

Catalyst IT provide the Catalyst SIlverstripe Starter kit for CMS development

Whether you are a private company, a small not-for-profit, or a large government agency, our team understands your website is a key point in your strategy. That’s why we collaborate with you to create and maintain a website fit for your exact needs.

Catalyst IT creates Healthify website that meets accessibility standards and is device agnostic

Your website goals...made easier

  • Silverstripe is a free Content Management System and PHP development framework. It is entirely open source, so we can adapt the software to fit your business and user needs.
  • Our experienced Silverstripe CMS team are here to make it easy for you to design, build, and maintain your website – whatever size or industry your business operates within.
  • We’re leaders in New Zealand for website accessibility and we’ll ensure you remain compliant with the NZ Accessibility legislation (WCAG 2.2 AA - Accessibility).
  • Catalyst.NET are a registered supplier on the DIA Marketplace under the Managed Services catalogue.
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A flexible CMS solution

Silverstripe is built on PHP framework with a modular architecture. This allows for adding new features and functionality to your site, with over 2000 modules and add-ons to choose from.

Open source advantages

Silverstripe is actively supported by a community of developers and users who contribute to its development.

Versatility connecting with other applications and systems

Our expert developers at Catalyst can integrate your Silverstripe CMS with other applications in your business making your user experience and analytics seamless.

Catalyst IT created a flexible solution for NGCC using SIlverstripe

A user-friendly CMS

With an administration interface that is intuitive and easy to use, you can manage user permissions, edit content, and update page structures with ease. You'll also be able to manage your files and images through a simple drag-and-drop feature.

SEO feature-rich options

With a range of features, you'll find it easier to implement SEO practices and improve your website's search engine ranking.

Silverstripe CMS works across a range of devices including mobile, tablet, computer, laptop.

Freedom from vendor lock-in and licensing fees

Because Silverstripe is open source, you can scale, flex, and change it as much as you need. And that includes your vendor choice.

A fully customised website

The design, layout, and functionality of the site are customised to your needs.

Device agnostic designs

Your content will look great and function on all devices with responsive design built in as standard.

Open source CMS solution

catalyst silverstripe starter

Kickstart your CMS with the Catalyst Starter website solution

There’s a lot to juggle when you’re creating a strategic CMS solution including:

  • Budget.
  • In-house expertise.
  • Your company’s strategic direction.
  • The needs of your various audience groups.
  • Your site visitors.
  • Legislation.
  • And more...

That’s why we built the Catalyst Starter kit for Silverstripe.

  • The Catalyst Starter for Silverstripe is a pre-built theme – the page layouts, colour palettes, headers, footers, typography and more are already built for you.
  • The theme includes a collection of commonly requested website features, built using standard web components.
  • It can be personalised to your needs, or built upon if you have bespoke requirements.
Blue Silverstripe CMS logo

Included as standard in the Catalyst Starter

  • Foundation for common web features in an easy-to-maintain theme for Silverstripe.
  • Designed, tested and compliant with AA WCAG guidelines.
  • Clean, modern visual design.
  • A full automation test suite for rapid regression tests.
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Our experienced Silverstripe team offer

  • Over 40 years of combined Silverstripe CMS and framework experience working with many clients from many industries.
  • Dedicated cross-functional product teams including user experience, design, development, and testing in Silverstripe's CMS and Silverstripe framework.
  • Silverstripe CMS training customised to your needs.
  • Customer-centred Agile software development methodologies.
  • Development of complex integrations including Active Directory, open data, Hilltop Software, and WebGIS.
  • Hosting on New Zealand’s own cloud infrastructure ‘Catalyst Cloud’ or the hosting platform of your choice.

We’re registered and approved on DIA Marketplace

Our services (as Catalyst.Net Limited) are listed under Application Management and Administration, and Server Management and Administration on the DIA Marketplace. This covers fully managed hosting of Catalyst developed applications including Silverstripe, as well as managed hosting, services and support to look after your or third-party developed applications.

Our listings cover work on Catalyst Cloud, AWS, and Azure infrastructure.

Marketplace listings provide a low-friction way for Government agencies to engage with us under standard terms and conditions.

We are a registered supplier under the Consultancy and Professional Services catalogue for User Insight, Information Architecture, Visual Design, Front- and Back-end Development, Change Management Services, Application Testing, and Web Accessibility.

Choose Catalyst if you need expert support to
Design, build, maintain or host your website.Ensure website compliance with WCAG 2.2 AA – Accessibility legislation.Create a CMS that enables your organisations strategy.

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