Django introduction (Wellington)

9am start
$760.00 per person (excl. GST)

About the course

Django is known as 'The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines'. Django aims to be the '90%' framework. That is, for 90% of website projects it is unambiguously the 'Right Tool for the Job'. Django's design is strongly influenced by DRY principles (Don't Repeat Yourself).

Course outline

In this training session you will learn how to build a Django project, including:

  • How to design a Django-based website and put one together
  • Using test-driven development to ensure your website is working at all times
  • The use of the Django ORM and database model API
  • Writing views (web-pages) in Django, both from scratch and using the library of 'generic' views for code-reuse
  • How the Django forms library makes all input validation safe and easy
  • A rundown of the security features of Django that make it one of the safest frameworks available.
  • A tour of other 'batteries' included parts of Django and additional packages, including the caching framework, RESTful API development, content management system, and internationalisation.

Note: These are the topics normally covered but might alter slightly depending on the needs of the attendees.

Target audience

Developers with some Python experience who wish to learn about using Django.


A basic level of Python and Linux knowledge is required.

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