Implementing and managing Mahara (Wellington)

9am start

About the course

Eportfolios, credentialing, competency assessment and collaborating on projects can all be done under one roof: Mahara. If you want to know more about managing your Mahara instance and also supporting your organisation's learners in their learning processes, this workshop is for you. In this workshop we combine the administration side as well as the content side in one to give you an introduction to both areas.

Course outline
  • Get an overview of important factors for implementing ePortfolios successfully;
  • Review your specific requirements and map them against possibilities of ePortfolio use;
  • Gain insight into Mahara to use it to its full potential in your context;
  • Start your first portfolio for some hands-on experience of what your learners will be doing;
  • Decide on ways to scaffold the ePortfolio experience at your organisation and start setting them up.
  • Learn what you can administer in Mahara through the administration interface;
  • Learn about user management and practice tasks that you will perform commonly;
  • Review settings that should be changed to cater more to your organisation's needs.

If you are interested in a Mahara workshop for your organisation, please check out our training offering “Managing a Mahara instance” and “Implementing ePortfolios with Mahara” or request a quote for a custom workshop.

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