Practical TypeScript (Wellington)

Tuesday, 15th Jun 2021
9am start
$760.00 per person (excl. GST)

TypeScript is an open-source language build on top of JavaScript to add the static type checking capabilities. With TypeScript, engineers can move faster more safely. That’s why it’s getting popular and becoming an indispensable part of the JavaScript community. There is no turning back once you get used to it, however, there is a learning curve.

The aim of this course is to provide you with enough basic knowledge and develop an understanding of how TypeScript can be applied in real world projects.

Course content
  • Basics
    • Why TypeScript?
    • The basic types
    • Literal types / Union / Intersection
    • Generics & Type Inferences
    • Utility Types
  • Typescript in action
    • Must have – typings your API response
    • TypeScript in the React context
    • TypeScript & third-party library
    • Optional chaining & nullish coalescing
    • Switch exhaustiveness check
  • Exercises
    • Convert a React project to TypeScript

Note: These are the topics normally covered but might alter slightly depending on the needs of the attendees.

Target Audience

Front-end / JavaScript developer

  • Comfortable with using JavaScript
  • Basic knowledge of React is recommended. (as the exercise will be done in React)
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