QGIS - Basic and intermediate (Christchurch)

Monday, 16th Mar 2020
2 days - 9:30am start
$1,520.00 per person (excl. GST)

QGIS is a free and open source Geographic Information System (GIS). It is used for effectively working with spatial information and available for free for Linux, Mac OS and Windows.

Starting with very simple concepts and exercises, this course will introduce you to GIS and to working with spatial data using QGIS. During the course, you will explore QGIS’ user interface, create your own maps, and create, manipulate and analyse basic geospatial data types.

Course outline

QGIS Basics - day 1

  • A short introduction to GIS
  • Installing QGIS
  • The QGIS User Interface
  • Loading and exporting data
  • Styling data
  • Basic vector data analysis
  • Creating maps in QGIS

QGIS Intermediate - day 2

  • Intermediate vector data analysis
  • Loading and working with raster data
  • Raster data analysis
  • Introduction to QGIS Plugins
  • Introduction to the QGIS Toolbox
Target audience

Basics - Anyone with an interest in learning about GIS and using QGIS

Intermediate - GIS practitioners and those who are interested in learning about data analysis in QGIS


Basics - None, but a basic understanding of GIS concepts will be beneficial.

Intermediate - QGIS Basics

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