React intermediate (Wellington)

Wednesday, 11th Aug 2021
9am start
$380.00 per person (excl. GST)

About the course

To write a real-world React application you need to know more than just the basics of building components and using JSX. This intermediate course will take you from those basics through to the practicalities of writing more complex applications, including state management with Redux.

Course outline
  • React in ES6
  • Structuring for maintainability
  • Type checking with propTypes
  • Typescript in React applications
  • Redux and other ways of passing state around your application
  • Higher order components
  • React hooks
  • Testing React applications with Jest
  • React-specific linting
  • Making your React app production ready

Note: These are the topics normally covered but might alter slightly depending on the needs of the attendees.

Target Audience

Those who understand the basics of React but are looking for a deeper understanding of some of the real world problems that need to be tackled to build a complete application and put it in production.


To benefit from this course you must have, at minimum, worked though the tutorial material for React, and you must have a solid understanding of Javascript.

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