React introduction (Auckland)

9:30am start
$380.00 per person (excl. GST)

About the course

This hands-on introductory course will teach you the fundamentals of React, one of the most popular JavaScript libraries for building high performance single page applications, providing you with the groundwork to build your own React applications.

Course outline
  • Why React?
  • Differences from MV* frameworks
  • Function and Class Components
  • JSX
  • Logic in your render method
  • State and props
  • Combining components
  • Component lifecycles
  • Routes using React Router
  • Using third party components.

Note: These are the topics normally covered but might alter slightly depending on the needs of the attendees.

Target audience

Frontend and backend developers who are looking to build modern responsive JavaScript web applications.


To benefit from this course you must have at least a basic knowledge of JavaScript fundamentals like variables and functions.

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