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Introduction to Databases

Get database basics under your belt. This course will provide an introduction to database concepts, and techniques for working with SQL databases.

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$380.00 per person (excl. GST)


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Course outline


  • Data
  • Data Storage
  • Unstructured Data
  • Structured Data
  • Undescribed Data
  • Described Data
  • Separately Described Data
  • Containers for Data

Relational Databases

  • Overview
  • A Real Product
  • First Tables
  • First Data
  • Constraints
  • Normalization
  • More Normalization
  • About Null
  • Customizing Query Results
  • Query Techniques - Lists
  • Query Techniques - Sub Selects
  • Set Operations
  • Ordering
  • Aggregates

Note: These are the topics normally covered but might alter slightly depending on the needs of the attendees.

Target audience

Anyone who has dabbled in databases but would like a more in-depth grounding in their use.


Some exposure to usage of command line on Linux or Windows. Ideally some exposure to database use

Course description

Download the Introduction to Databases course description (pdf)

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enquire about availabilityfor introduction_to_databases-wellington training