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Product Owner Fundamentals

So you have been told that you are now a “Product Owner”. What on earth does that mean? Maybe you have been charged with developing a plan to get a new product from an idea to market? Where do you start? What do you do? How do you know you have finished?

As product development teams adopt more agile development practices, there is an increasing need to have expertise within the business to define and prioritise the most valuable outcomes and deliverables.

This course will examine the role of the Product Owner and explore the different relationships required with end users, customers, business stakeholders and those building the product.

This is a hands on course. Using a simulation, we will work through the life-cycle of a product, from idea, to identifying the market and users, through to planning for what needs to be done first, developing a road map, working with stakeholders and team through to measuring and forecasting progress.

Everyone who completes this course becomes an ICAgile Certified Professional in Business Value Analysis. This certification does not expire and no renewal fee is required. More details available on the ICAgile website.

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$1850 per person (excl. GST)


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Course outline

On completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define business value management, and identify the responsibilities of the Product Owner role
  • Demonstrate different ways to define value and practice using these methods to guide prioritisation
  • Identify different types of stakeholders and apply different collaboration tools and techniques to define a product scope and direction from an idea, through to release in the market.

Content includes:

  • The role of the product owner and what mindset and skills are required to fulfil this role
  • Tools and techniques to define business value and use this to guide a product roadmap
  • Developing a product vision
  • Drive shared understanding of the end user and customer using personas
  • Using Impact Maps and User Story Maps to figure out where to start and where to next
  • Working with product development team using User Stories: communicating, prioritising and splitting work into what is achievable
  • Practising using tools to incorporate feedback, planning for releases and reporting on progress and forecasting future delivery.

The course does focus on value management for software development, but the concepts, tools and techniques are equally applicable to product development in other domains.

Target audience

Product managers, business analysts, project managers and anyone that is charged with converting business vision and goal into a marketable product or service.


Exposure to to agile software development methodologies would be an advantage especially SCRUM or Kanban. As this course builds on the content of our Agile Fundamentals course, we recommend completing that course before this one.

Course description

Download the Product Owner Fundamentals course description (pdf)

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enquire about availabilityfor product_owner_fundamentals-wellington training