Web Accessibility services

Web accessibility is the degree by which people with disabilities can access and use your web content. It consists of principles and techniques practised by web designers and developers as they design and build websites. Although web accessibility benefits people with disabilities, it also gives people without disabilities a better browsing experience.

You can ensure that more people will use and enjoy your web content if it has a good level of accessibility. With your accessible content, you can affirm your compliance with NZ web standards and international guidelines. You can also demonstrate social responsibility through your accessible web content and encourage other groups to do the same.

We at Catalyst believe that web accessibility is more than providing text descriptions, good colour contrast, and keyboard-accessible content. Although these things are very important, we believe that web accessibility is about understanding the needs of your audience and how they use your online information. And with this understanding comes the practice of making your web content accessible to all.

To help you understand the importance of accessible web content we offer accessibility training,as well as a number of accessibility test packages.

Accessibility Training

At Catalyst we offer a one day Web Accessibility WCAG 2.1 training course.  The course provides attendees with more information about WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.1 and ways to test for and achieve level AA compliance within their websites. 

View Web Accessibility course outline and register for a course

Accessibility Audits

We also offer a range of accessibility audit options which will give you an idea on the level of accessible web content you have on your websites.  These options give you an idea of the level of testing and can be modified to meet your website needs.  The options are based on testing against WCAG 2.1.

Three-day accessibility audit - $4500

  • test approx 5 templates including home page, contact us page, and 3 other templates selected by client
  • provide an accessibility report for the 5 templates

Five-day accessibility audit - $7500

  • test up to 10 templates
  • provide an accessibility report for the 10 templates
  • Optional: On-site 2-hour demo/testing to help the client understand their site's issues and answer specific questions

Contents of accessibility report:

  • accessibility features of the templates
  • issues found on the templates
  • severity rating of the issues
  • recommendations to address the issues


Please contact us for more information regarding accessibility, our training options, or our test packages.