What is open source?

Using open source, organisations large and small have the ability to deploy software that is secure, affordable and delivers business benefits.

Open source software gives you freedom:

  • the freedom to read the code, understand and trust what it is doing
  • the freedom to share the software with others, at no additional cost
  • the freedom to innovate by modifying the software to better suit your business objectives, and
  • the freedom to contribute by sharing those modifications so that others can benefit from your investment in the software.

As is noted in a recent local government report from the UK:

"The collective thinking and cost-effectiveness that open source providers offer cannot be matched in terms of expertise [and] of value for money by the traditional proprietary software providers. This cultural shift will open the door for a new era of innovative IT solutions that can transform local government services, empowering staff and delivering unrivalled value to taxpayers."


Most organisations are initially drawn to free and open source software because there is a best-of-breed open source application that meets their needs and there are no licensing costs.

However, over time the benefits of being able to freely modify any aspect of the software become more important as your organisation's needs change. The ability to modify the software becomes an important strategic asset, rather than the technical debt of an expensive, proprietary solution.

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