Mahara support packages

Get advice and assistance from the team that maintains Mahara.

Catalyst provides enterprise-level support for Mahara. From core development and customisation through to bug fixes and consulting. Talk to us today about how Mahara can help you.

Support packages

Packages Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Number of tickets 1 Multiple Multiple Multiple
Support * up to 4 hours 1.5 days 4.5 days 9 days
Validity One-off 4 months 6 months 12 months
Costs (US Dollars) $700 $2,000 $6,000 $11,520

* Days are calculated at 8 working hours per day. This indicates effort rather than duration of work.
† Unused hours after the end of the support time frame will be used towards general bug fixing and feature development of Mahara.
‡ Local taxes may apply.

Please contact the AU office for more information on support packages.
Please contact the EU office for more information on support packages.



Benefits of Catalyst support:

Initial response within 1 business day;

  • Assistance from a member of the Mahara core team;
  • Remote diagnosis of issues on your instance of Mahara (provided we have the required access);
  • Patches to solve issues you have on your instance;
  • Prioritised fixing of bugs identified by you for core Mahara;
  • Email alerts for security releases of your version of Mahara;
  • Acknowledgement of you / your institution in the upcoming release notes of the version of Mahara for which you funded bug fixes and new features.

 Something a bit more special?

Should none of the support packages work for you,
please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.
We can tailor a package to your needs, be that around
custom development, contributing back to core
Mahara, design, training or hosting.

 Support examples:

  • Investigating a bug in your system;
  • Fixing bugs in your Mahara installation;
  • Setting up templates;
  • Advising you on the implementation of Mahara at your organisation;
  • Developing small features.