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4 best Tōtara plugins by Catalyst to improve your LMS


4 Tōtara plugins you need to use

Enhancing your online learning courses in Tōtara Learn is easy when you use some of the best LMS plugins. As a Tōtara Platinum Partner, Catalyst provides an exclusive suite of LMS plugins for our clients. Check out some of our favourite Tōtara plugins to customise your learners’ eLearning experience.

The 4 best LMS plugins for Tōtara

1. OJT (on job training)

Screenshot of an example of OJT on the job training layout

Keeping track of and managing learner progress isn’t just a tickbox exercise. Instead, it’s critical for your learners' future success. For example, it can help identify skills, competency, and knowledge gaps they need for their role. That means you need to have an established system in place to maintain records and support learner growth.

Within Tōtara ‘OJT (on-job training)’ is the best LMS plugin for achieving this. Essentially, it provides digital proof of specific training or skill. The OJT plugin works on a screen to record outcomes and sign-off assessments. Additionally, if you have qualifications requiring annual sign-off, OJT can enable recurring qualifications.

2. Multifactor authentication (MFA/2FA)

Between 2021-2023 CertNZ recorded an average of 2,266 cybersecurity incidents and an average direct financial loss of $5 million. Whilst not specifically related to LMS incidents, it’s a stark reminder of the importance of good cybersecurity practices. For example, two factor authentication (2FA) or multifactor authentication (MFA) adds a good layer of security against login attacks.

Wondering what plugin option can work best? LMS plugins available from Catalyst include the ‘Multifactor authentication (MFA/2FA)’ plugin, allowing 2FA to be part of the built-in login process. So, if a password is exposed, the offending party can’t login unless they have access to the second factor.

3. Course/activity completion filters

Screenshot of course activity completion filters example

There’s a level of satisfaction and accomplishment when you can see the progress you’re making towards a course. So, we developed the ‘Course/activity completion filters’ plugin for your learners. We’re confident this is one of the best LMS plugins to visually show learner progress as they complete a course.

4. Auto-enrolment

It can be confusing as an LMS administrator when learners click on courses they’re not required to complete. This is because learners are automatically enrolled when they browse course pages. Ultimately, this can result in skewed completion stats.

‘Auto-enrolment’ by Catalyst is the best LMS plugin to remedy this issue. Essentially, from using this plugin, learners are only ‘enrolled’ once they interact with specified activities on the course page. Say goodbye to those skewed results and track course completion more effectively with this plugin.

The best LMS plugin to use before Tōtara TXP 18

1. H5P

Easily maintainable content and learner success go hand in hand. However, working with old SCORM content, increases your chances of uneditable course content. Instead, using tools like H5P makes it easy to edit content.

H5P is the best LMS plugin for adding the HTML5 Package (H5P) content creation tool. H5P allows you to create and share interactive content in Tōtara, transforming the possibilities of displaying content. Additionally, H5P is available as a plugin for all Tōtara users.

Note, in Tōtara TXP 18 and above, H5P will be integrated with Tōtara core.

Already using the H5P plugin? If so, it’s a good idea to mark which courses currently use H5P. This way, when Tōtara TXP 18 is released, you can easily identify which content is coming from what source. When it is released, resist from prematurely uninstalling the plugin. Doing so will remove all the course content you have created with it. If you need support transitioning to the inbuilt H5P functionality without problems, contact our team.

Improve your learning experience in Tōtara

From using our list of the best LMS plugins for Tōtara, you’re set up for an effective eLearning environment. To learn more about Tōtara, and how Catalyst can customise your LMS, contact us today.