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Time to Start Building Drupal 8 Sites!


By Bevan Wishart
The first Drupal 8 release candidate is out and to quote Dries Buytaert: "It's time to start building!"

The day is finally here, this morning release candidate one of Drupal 8 was announced, it’s a long awaited and very exciting milestone for the drupal community.

Work on Drupal 8 has been on-going for about 5 years. It’s now time for the transition.

The release candidate is available now  that the critical issues are currently down to zero.

So what’s new?

Drupal 8 has some major enhancements and comes with a host of new and improved features including:

  • Mobile
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Configuration management
  • Accessibility
  • Built in web services
  • Effortless authoring
  • Fun and Fast theming
  • Views
  • Industry standard approach
  • Field power
  • Better markup
  • Clear upgrade paths

Drupal 8 features a modern, industry standard approach to application architecture, object oriented code, the latest PHP standards and the best of breed external libraries. What this means is that Drupal and non-Drupal developers can embrace object oriented programming and proven technologies from the larger PHP community.

Drupal 8 has a new themeing system. Twig makes designing beautiful and functional Drupal sites easier than ever before, providing simplified template syntax and greater security.

All this as well as new features such as inline content editing, wysiwyg editors and enhanced help, work together to provide a rich content manager experience. The Drupal community has also been very excited about the configurations management capabilities in Drupal 8.

But when is the full release?

This is the million dollar question, and we're not sure yet. says:
“We will schedule an official release date for 8.0.0 when we are confident that the rate and nature of incoming critical bugs has slowed enough to ensure a stable release.”