Catalyst to Donate Over $6,000 a Year Through the Good Registry

by Chloe Gunn

Catalyst is giving each New Zealand based employee, currently 240 and growing, a $25 Good Gift Card on their birthday to use at The Good Registry; a social enterprise that ensures easy giving that does good.

Catalyst employees will be able to pick from a range of charities, including organisations such as Plunket, Kaibosh, Lifeline Aotearoa, Rainbow Youth, and Alzheimers NZ, to name a few!

Not only does this ensure we are giving back to Aotearoa, but this will be a gift with no waste from wrapping and packaging.

The open source philosophy is about contributing back to the community for the overall betterment and benefit of all. This idea is central to the daily running of Catalyst: purpose before profit. It is essential to show our humanity behind the technology.

Christine Langdon, Co-founder and Chief of The Good Registry, said:

Catalyst is the first business to commit to giving every NZ employee Good Gift Cards for their birthdays, and we think it is a wonderfully kind thing to do. It’s the perfect way to help people to celebrate being another year wiser, and support the causes that they care about. And with about 250 staff experiencing the joy of giving, and $6000 a year being donated through the Gift Cards, it adds up to a tremendous amount of Good.

Could your work place do the same? Imagine if we all gifted this way? Take a look at The Good Registry.



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