Koha adventures in India

A few times a year Chris Cormack gets on a plane to somewhere really interesting to talk about Koha.

Chris was the original developer of Koha and is in demand for speaking gigs as a result.

He's just returned from travels in India. Chris keynoted the National Koha Conclave in Pune, and spoke at a learning event in Shillong for libraries in North-East India, on implementing Koha in the cloud, plus additional speaking engagements squeezed into his six day trip. It was a packed itinerary and Chris returned to us absolutely exhausted.

However, Chris says that the trip was well worth it, as he got to learn about the unique challenges and benefits of implementing Koha in this environment.  

He also spent time soaking up the culture... literally.

Chris was delighted to see the enthusiasm and hard work that's being put into Koha across India. He was also pretty excited about the new additions to the Koha trophy cabinet.

Great to have you back, Chris!