About us

About us

We tailor solutions and make the hard stuff look easy, but we don't own the software, you do.


Why choose us?

Since 1997, Catalyst has been dedicated to using the world’s best open source software and tools.  Our business is about expertly adapting open source technologies to precisely fit what people need.


Open Source Academy

The Academy is a Catalyst initiative designed to provide training and work experience for young New Zealand technologists.


Life at Catalyst

Catalyst is proud of cultivating a unique working environment ideally suited to talented, creative and committed individuals.


Meet our Directors

Our Directors are all closely involved in continuing our excellent track record for service delivery.


Catalyst and Te Tiriti

Catalyst has committed to investigating how to better bring te ao Māori into our work and to improving our relationship with tangata whenua.


News & events

Stay up to date with Catalyst's regular news articles. You can also follow Catalyst on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up to with all of our opportunities and news.



Catalyst is passionate about blogging about all things open source.


Open Source

At Catalyst, free and open source is not just what we do – it's what we stand for. We're creative, collaborative thinkers and doers, solving complex business problems with smart technology solutions.


Contact us

Catalyst has offices in New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Contact your nearest office, and we'll direct your enquiries and messages to the appropriate Catalysta.


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