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Congratulations Brimbank Libraries! Welcome to the Koha Community.


by Donna Benjamin

Late last year, Brimbank Libraries undertook a major upgrade to their library software system. With the support of Catalyst IT, Brimbank replaced their 20 year old library management software, with the free and open source Koha integrated library system.

With five branches, holding over 230,000 items, and more than 140,000 patrons, the Brimbank network of libraries is now the largest public library in Australia to have adopted the Koha software platform.

We're both proud and excited to have been a part of Brimbank's journey, and we're looking forward to providing ongoing support to their team as they find their way in the world wide Koha library community.

Hugh Rundle is Library Systems & Resources Coordinator at Brimbank, and he'll be speaking about their journey next week at His session "Who else is using it? Moving to open source in local government" will be part of the Open GLAM miniconf on Tuesday.

For more information about Koha Library Software see: