As a key Samba contributor, we provide tailored solutions for organisations needing secure access permissions and identity verification. We’re here to help growing and established businesses with over one hundred staff customise Samba to their needs.

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Samba's Active Directory Domain Controller (DC) capability

Samba is well known as a file and print server for the SMB protocol. It also provides the cornerstone of network authentication, an Active Directory Domain Controller. We recently made it compatible with Active Directory 2016.

Our expertise includes deploying Samba as an Active Directory Domain Controller to ensure smooth authentication processes and enhanced network connectivity.

We can adapt and tailor Samba development to solve access and identity verification in your organisation.

Achieve more with our expert Samba support and development services

  • Secure, centralised authentication for growing organisations.
  • The flexibility of Samba with no vendor lock-in.
  • Seamless integration with public and private cloud services.
  • Critical service without per-user licensing constraints.
  • Simplified domain control for Windows desktops with our Active Directory Domain Controller (DC).
  • Seamless integration with open-source and commercial services.
  • Run Samba alongside other core network services on your preferred Linux distribution for unmatched flexibility.
  • Utilise Catalyst-developed features for storing Unix-style passwords to synchronize with Google and OpenLDAP.
  • Benefit from a modern JSON-based audit framework for enhanced security and efficiency.
  • Optimised authentication processes and network connectivity with Samba's versatile capabilities.

How our Active Directory experts can help you

Identify and understand any challenges or issues you’re currently facing.

Discuss ways to optimise and enhance your use of Samba.

Explore deeper integration with your existing network infrastructure.

Arrange a free initial video call with our team to discuss how you can use Samba as an AD DC

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Our Samba AD DC services

Catalyst is the major force behind Samba's Active Directory DC capability. We understand how critical it is for government, corporate, or educational networks to have smooth file and print services using the SMB protocol.

We can work with your organisation if you wish to sponsor a new feature or provide ongoing support on a retainer basis.

Samba consulting

  • Integration expertise: Guidance on optimal Samba integration with Active Directory Domains for seamless operation.
  • Vendor support: Offering third-level support to Samba appliance vendors, including NAS vendors, for file server and authentication features.
  • Bug fixes and feature advisory: Consulting with Samba vendors on upstream bug fixes, feature development, and back-porting as needed.


Samba deployment and support

  • Direct organisational support: Assisting organisations with the implementation of "Samba4" Active Directory Domain Controller.

  • Upgrade consultation: Guiding upgrades from Samba 3.x domains to Samba 4.x Active Directory Domain Controller, including transitioning from the OpenLDAP backend used in Samba's 'classic' DC architecture.

  • SLA-backed support services: Providing ongoing support services with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to ensure reliability and responsiveness.

Samba development

  • Custom performance features: Developing new Samba performance enhancements, including product integration and expanding core functionality.

  • Platform and device deployment: Implementing Samba's Active Directory Domain Controller on diverse platforms and devices for enhanced versatility.

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Meet Catalyst's Samba team

Andrew Bartlett

Andrew leads the Catalyst Samba Team. He’s worked on Samba since 2001 and is an expert in Samba's authentication and authorisation protocols. Andrew has built and maintained Samba’s authentication code and is a lead developer on the Samba Active Directory

Douglas Bagnall

Douglas has been a Samba developer since 2015 and is also a member of the upstream Samba team. Douglas is the author of a number of Samba's administrative visualisation tools and is an expert in making systems software understandable by people.

Jo Sutton

Jo Sutton joined the Samba project in 2021 and quickly became an expert in Kerberos, the core authentication protocol used in Active Directory. Jo has, in the course of her testing work, discovered a number of Denial Of Service vulnerabilities in Kerberos